Friday, August 22, 2008

Much Better Than Muzak

We met with our classical guitarist last night and picked out the wedding music*. Here is a link to the song that'll be playing when I walk down the aisle... it was breathtaking to hear in person!

This is one expense that is well worth it, in my opinion. It'll be so classy and elegant to have a live guitarist and I couldn't be happier with the music we chose. It's a Spanish Romantic song, and is so dramatic and passionate and emotional. I'm hoping tears don't ruin my makeup and/or make me do the awkward-cry face while I'm paying a photographer hundreds of dollars per hour to take hundreds of pictures of me!**

* I do realize that most of what I talk about as of late is weddingweddingweddingmarriedomgi'mgettingmarriedweddinghoneymoonwedding. I do realize. But hand-to-my-chest, being engaged is the absolute best time of my life. Sure, there are the low-points {how much to spend? how to deal with different people with different ideas of what to spend, etc. why is it always about money :(?} but everything else is just so great. Even just talking about our wedding day and ceremony and what not brings us closer together I think. Anyway, off of that tangent, seriously, being engaged is the bomb, and while I am starting to get REALLY excited for The Big Day, I'm also a wee bit sad that it'll soon be over. The engaged buzz/glow will be done. But then the real fun begins, right!?

** A word on the crazy prices of wedding photographers!? I saw many many websites full of awesome photography, starting at $4500. STARTING AT?! You've got to be kidding me. I hate to talk money all the time, but we ended up going with one for around $3000 and we got all of the perks we were looking for {CD with all images and photographic rights {their pitch was even "You can print the pictures off at Target if you'd like!" MY KIND OF PEOPLE!} as well as a very nice album, and DVDs created from all of the images, etc.}

*** There was no *** in this post but *** will be a word on the hair appts. Sorry, did not realize this would turn out to be a full-blown wedding post, but DAMN I waited too long to find a salon! Who knew people made hair appointment so far in advance? People have almost laughed at me when I tell them I want appointments 4 weeks from now... it's almost like booking a dentist appointment!

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Rox said...

Who are you and what have you done with my "the only time I have ever seen you cry is at a protest for the Iraq war" friend Lindsay that I love and adore?!?!

I can picture you writing this blog right now tearing up to Spanish music?!?! Have we done a complete roll reversal? Are you going to cry at one of those health insurance commericals when the little girls runs up to her grandpa? or the humane society commercials with Sarah McLachlan playing in the background to various pictures of abused puppies??

I used to cry at those, not so much anymore...I just flip to CNN to see what else this world has F'd up.