Monday, August 4, 2008

I survived my Dr. Appt. this afternoon... well, barely. My doctor had me take a couple of Xanax to calm me down because I freaked out at the prospect of having blood drawn last week. It seemed to help somewhat, until they brought in the needles. So I guess it didn't really work all that much. :) But - I did survive, I'm not dead, I didn't faint OR upchuck! But I still freaked waaaay out.

The nurses and Nick were super nice about it though and didn't make me feel like the freak I was feeling like inside. Honestly, there must be some official name for this "disorder" of being so freakishly afraid of needles/doctors/etc. Oh well, I'm just proud of myself for making it through without fainting. That's always the worst, and you feel like a jackass afterwards, and it's pretty scary because you can hit your head on an array of things on the way down. Last time I fainted it was on the way back from the check-out desk to the waiting chairs, so there was nothing around thankfully, but the doctor offices are so small and cramped and full of counters and sinks and trays of stuff and I'm sure I would have hit something on the way down, so I'm glad I was able to avoid that whole ordeal.

Nick was truly a gentleman and was just there by my side the whole time, putting cool washcloths on my head and neck and talking to me and trying to distract me from my crazy fearful thoughts and my inner fright. I am so damn lucky to have him in my life, I can't even describe it. Now that's out of the way - and I've truly been dreading it for a couple of weeks now - I can focus on other, more important things - such as, oh, I don't know, GETTING MARRIED!

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