Friday, January 4, 2008

Not only is it my boyfriend (fiancé!) Nick’s and one of my dearest best friend Karin’s birthday, but it’s also my boss Tammy’s birthday as well. Looks like plenty of people were getting busy on April 4th!

Cheers, cheers, and cheers!

Another birthday today… Sir Isaac Newton.

Straight from my daily email from The Writer’s Almanac…

It's the birthday of the inventor of calculus, the mathematician and physicist Sir Isaac Newton, born in Woolsthorpe, England (1643). He solved many mysteries of physics involving light, optics, gravity, and motion. Newton always gave credit to his scientific predecessors for his achievements, and he wrote in his journal, "If I have seen further, it is by standing on the shoulders of giants.".

Thank God for Isaac Newton. I love math!! And no, I’m not even joking. I also love that he gave credit to his predecessors. What a stand-up guy. (Although, I bet if I looked him up on Wiki it would say how he spread narsty diseases throughout villages and bore twenty children with as many women, etc. etc.) (Maybe I should look him up on Wiki before ignorantly defaming him on my website.) (Okay, Wiki’ed him… turns out, no kiddos, no diseases, actually it’s believed that he was a 40-Year-Old-YOU-KNOW-WHAT! Also, that he might have had Aspergers. He sounded quite lovely, in fact. We could have been friends.)

Also born today: one of the Grimm Brothers, Gao Xingjian (Nobel Prize winning author), and Michael Stipe!

Good post, I know!

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