Thursday, September 6, 2007

Waiting is HARD! (waah!)

Dang is that whole “waiting” thing intense… I’m “waiting” to hear back on something (not to be all vague-like, peeps, it’s just an inquiry about a new vehicle I’m hoping to purchase) I am now getting a glimpse of that excruciating feeling one must get when one waits for something important.


Such as:  an answer to a first-date request by a nervous college freshman (especially those few seconds you have to wait to see her response on IM), or waiting for a pregnancy test to come back either positive or negative or “what does THAT mean?”, or waiting for a MCAT score to see if you got into med school, or waiting to see if the revival efforts worked on your loved one in the E.R.


Or waiting to see if a car is sold yet or not.   You know, same thing.


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