Friday, September 21, 2007

The Customer is Always Right?

I don’t know if it’s because I work in Purchasing (where I subconsciously live by the motto “the customer is always right” thus making ME always right, ahhh I love it) or if it’s because young Americans are just used to instant gratifiction, but man, let me tell you, I am a hard-to-please customer.


This car salesman I’ve been talking to, he has a low say-do ratio.  “What, pray tell, are you talking about?!”  I can hear it in your head right now.  Say-Do Ratio.  A beautiful thing.  Let’s say you tell your wife “Honey I will mow the lawn and clean out the gutters” and you only end up doing one of those chores. First of all, you are a chump. Get off your ass and go clean out the gutters, the football game will go on regardless if you watch it or not. You can look up the score later.  Second of all, let’s say you still only do one of the chores. Well, you’ve SAID you’ll do two things and you’ve DONE one thing.  Say-Do Ratio is low. (For mathematical purposes, it’s actually Do-Say ratio in that Husband’s ratio is 50% right now).  If he were to complete both tasks, his Say-Do Ratio would be 100%.


Right, so where was I?


Car salesguy.  He SAYS he’s gonna go “x” in “y” time.  Such as, “I’ll fax you the quote within 30 minutes.”   Well, I’m standing at the fax machine 29 minutes later and pissed-off by 31 minutes.  Don’t say something you’re not going to do.


I’m allllll over Say-Do Ratio like white on rice. It’s my favorite thing to judge people on.  Well, that, and their choice of MySpace song, but I digress…


Why must car shopping be so dreadful and why can I not trust a car salesman to save my life.  Oh, because they’re employees of Satan, that’s it! I forgot…




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