Thursday, April 19, 2007

Things that possess The Awesome

I call Nick up: "You need anything from Meijer?" I stop at the store
for some feta, and with my newfound obsession with paying cash for
everything, grumble to myself that I don't have the $5 on hand and that
I'll have to debit it.

But wait! I do have a couple of dollar coins... and hey, no one is
behind me in the U-Scan, this is THE PERFECT and perhaps my only chance
to go through my (bottomless, as it turns out) purse to find those
annoying pennies and I loathe so much. Turns out, I have PLENTY of
pennies to use, and I do just that. Clink them into the machine, clink,
clink, clink. And more of the clinking. I left the store a new woman.

And thing which possesses The Awesome: hearing Queen's "Another One
Bites the Dust" on my way to work, and having the foresight to shut off
the radio THE SECOND the song is done so as to not damage the good taste
in my ears, so to speak, and ruin it by having some lame-ass Nickelback
song in my head for the rest of the day.


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