Tuesday, April 3, 2007

My first lie as a 25-year-old

So I leave work at 10:30 am for the Secretary of State, to renew my drivers license.  The place opens at 11:00, and I pat myself on the back for cleverly leaving early so as to get there before it opens, but it turns out I'm not the only one who was thinking that morning… doh.  So I join the other 15-20 people in line, standing single file and silent, like claiming an unemployment check or something.  Anyway, back to my lie.  Once inside and making my transaction, the clerk verifies my information…


”Still in Beverly Hills?” 


“Yes.”  First lie.  Except not the= one I’m alluding to.


“Still need corrective lenses to drive?”


“Yes.”  Truth.


“Still five-foot-two and 120 pounds?”


::: Pause :::


::: Pause :::




Hahahahaha. She was duped!  I had a hearty chuckle allllll the way back to work.   It just made my day. 




In other news…  can we please talk about Planet Earth and these amazing jumping lizards and the dancing birds and baby bears and could I be any more generic in my descriptions?  It’s the next best thing since The Hills, I tell ya…


Also:  sharing is caring. Listen to your mother.

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