Wednesday, November 9, 2005

Seriously? Sometimes I'm so fucking stupid. Like, who acts like a dumb 13-year-old schoolgirl flirting with a guy with a girlfriend? It's almost masochistic (well, I actually stole that idea from a recent episode of SATC, to give credit where credit is due). Rob's theory is that you go for things you cannot have if you fear rejection -- as in, it's not like anything is going to happen in this situation, therefore there is no real risk involved and that's why I do it. Not exactly rocket science, but makes sense. Gross, I think I just had a Dr. Phil moment.

On a slightly different topic, a good way to find out how your friends feel about one of your potential crushes is to bring him up, suggesting you hook him up with one of your other single friends. That way, if they don't like him (and duh! of course they don't...) then you can find out without the embarassment of maybe, possibly, having a little crush on a weird dude. Which sounds kind of lame... "I won't like him if my friends think he's weird" but at the same time, if your friends think he's weird, that means something.

I firmly believe in the Rule of Threes, therefore I need this paragraph just to make this blog feel right. But, um, I don't really have anything else to say. I guess I'll go with this... One of the first blogs I ever read was back in 2001. She's a really good writer and I usually go back to that link every once in a while for old times sake. (That sounds really creepy, as I do not know this girl, do not have contact with her, therefore there is really no "old times sake" of which to speak.) Anyway, she has a page that's titled "THINGS I AM OVER!" and omg, that is so my mood right now.

This is a dumb segue sentence that sucks!

I present: Things I Am Over.

- The fact that there is a high school 0.1 miles from my house that costs more than a full year at University of Michigan and the kids who go to that school cut me and my Saturn off in their H3's and Lexus' (Lexi?) every f-in morning. I'm over it! Their parents are millionairres and run the automotive industry, but me and my Saturn will be JUST FINE. (And if I were a guy, I would proclaim "At least my penis is bigger than theirs." The idea came from my coworker Ian, btw.)
- I am totally over flirting with guys (read: a guy) who have girlfriends (read: a girlfriend). See above.
- This too: gaucho pants. So early spring 2005.
- I'm over being a walking contradiction. Err... I'm over caring that I'm a walking contradiction. I just accept it as who I am now.
- I'm waaaaay over the fact that I sweat hardcore at the gym. It's not unusual for me to walk out of there dripping wet, and I don't care if the people behind me or on another machine or something see or care.

Okay, that was kind of fun, I guess. I'm going to watch some John Cusack and wax poetic over my lovelife, or lack thereof.

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