Tuesday, November 1, 2005

It's funny, because I told some today, just today!, that it's not a good idea to drink and use the internet concurrently, as I have written many a drunken email to a certain someone whom I would rather not have written them to (hey! do you read my blog? if so?! how awkward is this right now??!!)

Anyway, so I warned her not to drink and email, and what do I do? Drink and blog. same thing. So anyway, today I saw two of my husbands. I am honestly not kidding you. One two separate occasions, YEARS apart, I saw these two men, and thought to myself "HOLY SHIT, I'M GOING TO MARRY HIM!!" but we'll see what happens there. It turns out I am 500% more awkward than I thought, and no one wants to marry an awkward girl. Can you even imagine the marriage kiss? The one where everyone is watching you give your husband the tongue? OMG I can't wait to get married.

Anyway, so tonight I was pregnant Britney, and let me tell you... if that was foreshadowing of any kind, I don't know if I'm going to have the 4 kids (I'm one of four...) I've planned on having all this time. (Side bar: I've said I've wanted 4 kids for a while, and a lot of people I talk to say they want "x" number of kids, and "x" usually correlates to the number of kids in their family. Is that the case with you? Think about it.) . So even sitting at the bar with a bean-bag pillow in my stomach was hard enough to maneuvar, I don't know if I could handle a real live embryo. I totally want to have a baby. Omg I am totally contradicting myself, I am totally schitzophrenic right now.

So, actually I have nothing embarassing to disclose, although I would totally love to humiliate myself right now, YOU KNOW!? Until next time...

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