Tuesday, April 12, 2005

There are some words I habitually spell incorrectly. "Liscense" and "sentance", "personnel" and "repetetive". I actually typed in dictionary.com just now, when I meant to type blogger.com. That's how today went.

I hate hate hate it when you can tell people have been talking about you. I guess I don't hate it that they talk, just that I'm aware of it. Beer is usually a good remedy for that, I've found.

"He usually comes home singing."

I love love love an unexpected good time. After wholeheartedly yet with regret refuting my mom's assertation that I'm an optimist (has she met me since the age of eleven?) I realized that when I do have positive thoughts, I (gasp!) enjoy life! Let's process that for a minute.

The same issue of Newsweek that had the dead Pope on the cover had a blurb about "why your soul is in your sole." Then it showed celebrities and their different styles of footwear and then perfectly described them. Life is so easy. People are easy to read.

Everything Zen.

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