Friday, December 24, 2004

I remember vacationing in the Canary Islands (yeah, look that up and you'll see I was practically in Africa -- and only 6th grade! Oh, how much I didn't appreciate it then...) with my family. It was spring break time, I think, and Brett Dotson had asked me out that Friday. I spent the entire vacation humming "Again" by Janet Jackson and fantasizing about my first kiss.

Haha, it's funny how things never change. Not that anyone asked me out, or that we're going to Africa, but I'm still waiting for my first kiss.

That was also the vacation where I dreamt that I had killed someone -- didn't dream the actual killing though -- and that I disposed of the body by putting it in the dishwasher. Should I have just admitted that to the internet? Probably not. I live on the edge like that.

It's funny, though, cuz I bet I have already told the internet that dream when I was drunk once, but just forgot about it or something. I nearly shit my pants when Rob brought up My Most Shameful Incident last week at the bar. Either I'm coming down with Alzheimers, or I need one of those Men In Black thingys that make me purge my memory, thus not allowing myself to tell people about Horrible Things I've Done.

Well kids. For fear of being trite and saying cheesy things about seeing you next year (SHIT! I did it!), I'm leaving you with a snapshot of my favorite Christmas present,

Christmas04, originally uploaded by Lindsay Smith.

from my sister Allison, who has picked up the term "Damn Gina" from me and spread it to the hardcore residents of University of Dayton. I should put this on my resume.

(PS - What's with the black eye? You think that mirror pic was unintentional, and YOU ARE WRONG.)

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