Monday, October 7, 2002

some people go through life with fake friends, with close aquaintainces, with people who they aren't sure of where their friendship lies, of thinking someone is their friend when really she is just annoyed with her, with having no friends at all... i am so fortuate to have GOOD friends, meaningful relationships with awesome girls, and i am so lucky to have that. that said, how would it be possible to go hang out with them and NOT have fun?! oh, that's right... it wouldn't be possible. i think if we were all locked in jail together, we wouldn't die of being beaten up by other prisoners, we'd die of laughter because we'd sit and shoot the shit and laugh all day long. hehehehe.

next on my agenda... i have realized that my end-all-be-all of mini's, one boy whom i reserve initials for, i no longer am obsessed with. that interested me in a good way.

other news: this weather rocks, and serves as my "i love michigan" attitude that will get knocked down come january/february/march. on my agenda is going to the cider mill... cider and donuts and maybe a candy apple and then maybe too a hayride. hahah. j/k about the hayride.

i have this feeling i'm expecting something in the mail, or an email, or a package. of course, nothing tangible, i don't really mean my physical mailbox. i just have this expectant feel to me right now. like i'm on the verge. of what, i don't know... or i am not sure if i know or not. and then if i do in fact know, whether it is conscious or sub-conscious. you see, why lead a boring life (open for debate) when you can complex your thoughts like such?

hahaha i think one of the best things about my day was our kooky waiter... i am taking mental notes for P.F. Changs... i had better see you all when we open november 4th... hellllllo paycheck!

alright, the start of a new week! begins with me going to sleep now. have a good one! <3

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