Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Am I A Queen? Or Is Nick A King?

I'm finally getting a tad excited about redecorating our house. The first 4 weeks post-tornado were all about coping with PTSD (sounds dramatic, I know), then the past 4 weeks have been about looking at selections for flooring (wood, tile, carpet, oh my!), kitchen and bathroom cabinets, roofing colors, siding colors, brick colors, oh the list will go on and on and on in the upcoming months. (Cabinet pulls? Wall colors? Light fixtures? Faucets? Doorknobs? SEE WHY I AM STRESSED?)
But what is getting me excited is the easy stuff to pick out, like new bedding, or a new headboard, and the such. Which leads me to my point. Do we replace our queen bed with another queen bed. Or do we splurge and upgrade to a king?
The apartment we're staying in while we're displaced from our home is furnished with a king bed. It's like Nick and I cross paths in the night, the bed is so huge. Being that I'm pregnant and currently require no less than 4 pillows to sleep (no joke), this extra space is welcome. But is it too big for the long run? Who has strong opinions either way? Does a king take up too much room in your bedroom? Do tell!
Also, I sort of wish I had an iota of design skillz right about now. I follow a few blogs of design-y type people, and now that I'm faced with design-y decisions myself, I realize what a true gift that is. I also wish I was more of a decisive person. I'm horrible about making decisions about things that are either expensive (read: if I don't like it in the end, I can't afford to replace it - such as kitchen cabinets, or flooring) or rooms that require a plethora of things going on to come together (again - like the kitchen, where I have to pick out cabinets, counter tops, flooring, all from different contractors who are just selling you their one product - not someone who designs it all together so you know what it'll look like when the room comes together). I'm pretty sure I need to just buy a dart board, pin up some color swatches, and throw some darts.
That is, if I can even hit the dart board. I sort of throw like a girl.


Amber said...

Granted, we both are husky, I have to say that I LOVE our California King sized bed. It's perfect for room, and Piper has plenty when she comes in with us for an early morning snuggle. I think there are few times when you'll think, "I wish I had a smaller bed". :)

Meg said...

Words cannot express how much I love our king sized bed. I think we both sleep better with the extra space - and it doesn't overtake our bedroom although it is the focal point of it. Definitely get one - like the above commenter said no one ever says "boy I wish this bed was smaller!"

Also, I suck at design related things too. I use Pinterest and just out + out copy ideas, or I run ideas by my 2 of my more design-gifted friends. (Who, if you are in need of opinions, feel free to post things here and I'll direct them to yoru blog for weighing in. They love to share opinions.) But I agree, it is a gift! Although they often just tell me to "go with my gut"... so there's that. (Which I am using in choosing paint color - dark gray - for the nursery, so here goes nothing!)

I'm glad you're getting to a fun stage of home reno, after all you've been through! :)

Allison said...

I mean, I think you're a queen and everything Linds, but go for the king FO SHO! You won't regret it.