Tuesday, March 27, 2012


I turn 30 this week. I had planned all along to take the day off and do some pampering. Now that means more than it did before, and I am really looking forward to it.
On the agenda:
- Great Harvest Bread Company - breakfast
- Coffeeshop (which one? what to get? I haven't indulged at a coffeeshop in ages, which tells you a lot about what I consider an indulgence, as well as my cheap, nay,  thrifty ways) - plan on reading a bit, either The Happiness Project or The Leftovers, both newly purchased on my Kindle Fire.
- 1 hour prenatal massage
- Mani/Pedi (definitely getting the pedi... I'm on the fence regarding the mani) - hello massaging chairs!
- Lunch out? Kind of lame but I don't have anyone in AA to get lunch with. Perhaps I'll grab a quick light lunch before my massage somewhere.
- Haircut? To say I need one is probably the understatement of my month. Situation is out of control. I look... homeless. Not in an "uprooted by tornado" way, but in a toothless, down-on-your-luck way. Or like someone on Intervention, which might be worse. (OK, that was mean. I truly do have empathy for people on Intervention.)  The place I go to is an Aveda Institute, so it's cheap (there we go again with the cheap) and you leave smelling Aveda-y (heaven) and they have a no-tipping policy!
- Shopping? Is this going overboard? I want to buy something nice for myself, but I don't know what. Bizarre problem to have, right? Nick is desperate to buy me something nice as well, but I have zero ideas, and he knows darned too well that if he comes home with a mall jewelry store purchase, that he made the wrong move. {Shudder!} I want something classy, but practical. Expensive, but not chain-y. I adore Etsy stuff, but there's just so damn much on that site, that it would take me 11 years to find something nice and pretty and not cheap. (Finding cute cheap stuff on Etsy? Easy peasy! And fun to boot! But I want something nice.)
- Dinner? Not sure what dinner will entail just yet. At some point, my day of luxury will come to an end and things like "picking up the daughter from daycare" and "taking the dog out to pee" and "making the daughter's lunch for school tomorrow" will creep onto my schedule and I will be brought back to reality. And really, after spending a luxurious (to me) day doing the things above will be lovely, oh so lovely, but eventually I'll want to hang out with Nick and Claire. Maybe we'll go somewhere low-key (mom-speak for "if my 2 year old throws a tantrum, we won't be given the evil side eye and/or be thrown out and/or slightly bicker about who's doing what about said tantrum or who's not doing what about said tantrum) and I'll order dessert first and maybe not even order dinner, which is my idea of heaven. Wait, no, my idea of heaven would be to also have a drink, of the tipsy-inducing variety, but lo, I don't think society, my fetus, or my doctor would approve. So iced tea (of the non-Long-Island variety) will have to suffice. It's a good problem to have, though. ;)
Hmmm. What am I missing?


Jessica said...

Sounds like a fantastic day of pampering. You deserve it! So, is there a favorite dessert I can bring Thurs? :) 3-Oh is a reason to celebrate! As far as if you're missing something...I would say ask Nick to take/pick up Claire from day care so you can extend your day of luxury and sleep in a little. Happy Birthday!

Jessica said...

Er....dessert Fri I mean? Because duh, you're not here Thurs. :p

Meg said...

Yay, Happy Birthday! This day of decadance sounds like heaven! I just put in a request to take my 30th birthday off too - I've never taken a day off from work for my bday but since I can't drink any wine to celebrate it I figured sleeping in and a long lunch somewhere could be the next best thing. I love your plan! I hope you enjoy every bit of the day. Oh and if you get a mani, get a shellac one - worth the few extra dollars b/c they last for 2-3 wks even if you're washing dishes and junk!! Enjoy your day! (And yes, get dessert first at dinner.)

Lindsay Collins said...

Thanks Jess! And Meghan, I think you sold me on a shellac mani!