Monday, January 9, 2012


OK, I'm a bit late to the resolution game, but whatever. It's never too late to start resolutions. Rather than the cliche ones I typically promise myself to do, I am going to try to make SMART resolutions. By SMART, I'm not being emphatic... I'm using the workplace acronym!
And I'm thinking I want to do a theme for goals this year. There are a few areas of my life that can use improving, so why not try to actually focus on them for once! Novel idea!
Q1 - all about health
Q2 - all about learning
Q3 - all about friendship
Q4 - all about health (Pt. 2)
Q1 - January - March goals:
  • Exercise: I'd like to get back into jogging. In this time frame (91 total days, and we're already on day 9), I'd like to jog 150 miles. Where did that number come from? I figured I can run 1.5 miles a day if I really wanted to. In fact, that's a pretty attainable goal! Realistically, I won't run every day. Every other day is more like it. So that's 3 miles every other day. I multiplied 91 days * 1.5 miles per day, and came up with 136.5. Then, I just bumped it up to 150 miles, because 136.5 isn't a  nice "clean" number. Now, since I'm starting this late (and haven't jogged this year yet), I actually have 83 days to work toward this goal, which comes out to 1.8 miles per day, or 3.6 miles every other day. I guess I better get going!
    • Caveat - I'll allow myself to walk at 4 miles per hour if snow or injury gets in the way
  • Food: I'm going to cook vegetarian for lunch and dinner 3x per week, including weekends. If I can, I will exceed this goal.
    • Note: I understand that just because it's vegetarian, doesn't necessarily mean it's healthier than meat-based dishes.
    • Caveat - I may use chicken broth in soups. This is my resolution list, so even that technically isn't vegetarian, I don't care!
  • Desserts: I have a gigantic sweet tooth. Thanksgiving/Christmas notwithstanding, I have been pretty good about not binging on desserts. I'd like to keep on that trend. I'm going to allow myself desserts for the following, plus three "free passes" to have a dessert other nights (presumably, once per month): co-worker's baby shower, Valentine's date w/Nick, brother's birthday, Claire's birthday, my birthday. OK, that's a lot, yes. So maybe I won't need my three free passes!
I think all of these goals are specific (uhhh, don't think I could be any more specific really), measurable (ditto), attainable (with a little willpower and a little sweating - sure!), realistic (sigh... "yes, I can fit in a 20 minute run into my schedule" says my lazy self), and timely. Only looking out 3 months is good for me, as I can't really be "big picture" for this kind of thing.
As far as Q2-Q4, well, those I will defer to a later date. Like I said, I can't really think big picture at the moment. And I may decide to go another route anyway, so I'm going to be flexible with myself. I've loved reading other blogger's posts about resolutions and it got me motivated to make some for myself as well.

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Meg said...

I could not help laughing when I saw your blog post title only because we have to use "SMART" goals at work... like, on every single call I make to a client we have to set a SMART goal. Somehow I thought this was total wellness-coach-jargon and it made me laugh to see you knew it too! But anyways, I like your goals! And your idea to break down your big goals into quarterly goals. Baby steps. How are they going?