Monday, April 12, 2010

So our dog ate something foul and has diarrhea. During the trip to the vit, our vet said "Oh look, he's sleeping!" about Claire. Hmmm... I wonder why?!
Okay, in all fairness... the carseat isn't exactly screaming GIRL. It's gender-neutral, with a leaning towards the weenie.

The blanket was a gift. I swear. Oddly, the gift contained all boys stuff, I swear. I was like "hmmm what's this all about" but hey, free stuff, I won't turn it down.

The shirt is yellow, and actually has cupcakes on it (note to self... don't make cupcakes, cupcakes taste like feet and will give you herpes - let's hope that works) - BUT - the vet couldn't see the cupcakes because she was covered up by her testosterone-y looking blanket.

Although, I'm sure that even if the cupcakes were visible, he'd probably just think I have a screw loose and still would think she was a dude, all else considered. Oh well. All I really care about at this point is getting my dog to stop shitting in the house! I already have another bum other than my own to take care of, I don't need to add "dog's bum" to the list.
On that note... ta ta.


Nick said...

You're cute.

Pfabulous Pfallers said...

Oh my, I really think she looks like Nicks mom in this picture. :) How cute! I was so sure before that she looked so much like Lindsay.
She's beautiful and will grow more into her femininity- so don't fret!

Amber said...

Man, I had the exact same thing happen! Piper has a long sleeved brown onesie with an embroidered pink cupcake on it. Her blanket is a Ralph Lauren gift (seriously, nicest blanket ever, I'm not going to NOT use it because some a-hole thinks the dark blue soft side or the blue satin edge, or the red and white stripes on the other side are masculine- this crap costs money and is far better than any of the chick blankets we got her! Longest paranthetical ever, btw), and we use it daily, so it's always on her. Not to mention her red and brown car seat. I was pushing her with her cupcake proudly showing, Lady: "Isn't he a cutie?" So I said, "Yes, yes SHE is." My dad said, "She's a girl" The woman said, "You shouldn't dress her in brown then." I said, "It has a CUPCAKE on it". Lady: "It's still brown". Me: ???

Also, our dog had the craps, too. So disgusting. For like a week. Took him to the emergency vet for the full gamut of tests (rectal exam, take THAT for costing us 700 dollars!) and was fine the next day. I wanted to kick his sore ass in.