Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Asanine Story of the Day

Okay... so layoff 8000 people.  Then say ""Health care is a great place to be," he said. "We feel very excited about the future.""
And then: "However, he acknowledged that the economic outlook remains cloudy, adding that a recovery will not take hold until the job market improves and consumers become more willing to spend."
Hmmm... the two go hand-in-hand, no?
How are the 8000 laid-off people supposed to spend their money (that they aren't earning thanks to the layoff) on Johnson & Johnson products?
I mean, I am no economist, never claimed to be, never want to be, never will truly understand how it all works.  But I read CNN, and to me, this story is asinine and stupid. Don't write a story about layoffs but then explain how once people stop getting laid off, they'll spend more money on your products.
End Vent.

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