Wednesday, February 25, 2009

My Condition Has A Name!

I heard a great term the other day (and by "heard" I mean "read on someone's blog") - it's called Bargain Tourettes.  OMFGALAHAOLOAHAALOL.  When I read it, it was as if the clouds parted and the light from heaven shone down on me like an epiphanous dream.  I finally knew the name of one of my worst habits: spontaneously blurting out the price and location of purchase of any piece of clothing I receive a compliment on.
For instance (and this is almost identical to the blog that I heard this term on, a blog that I have since forgot, otherwise I would be giving undying praise for such a term):
Coworker:  "Cute top!"
Me: "Thanks! Sears, $12.99 with 30% off, so like, less than ten bucks!"
And then, of course:
Me: "I don't typically shop at Sears, but I parked there when I went to the mall, you know, cuz there's more open spots because WHO SHOPS AT SEARS, but as I was walking through the store to get to the mall, it caught my eye, and I was like 'You know what? I can buy a top at Sears!' so I bought it! And it was less than ten bucks!"
Coworker is already walking down the hall to escape my horrible case of B.T.
Can't say I really blame her...
But who's with me - do you have a case of Bargain Tourettes?

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Meg said...

Hi, random lurker but I HAD to comment because I totally relate to this. It's almost as if "Thanks-TARGET!!" is one word in my vocabulary. Why do we do this?