Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Wah-Wah Moment # 124, 150, and 151.

I have a busy mid-week evening that involves running errands, cleaning the kitchen, and playing with the puppy. I barely have time to sit down and waste away my night on the computer or watching t.v.  This is a good thing, because that's usually how I spend my nights. Sad but true story. After my version of "running around like crazy" (which includes only the three things mentioned in the first sentance) I call it a night. 
At work the next morning, I get excited to hop onto gmail really quickly before starting my day. "Oh, I didn't get to my computer last night at ALL, I can't wait to see what's there for me today!"  I log in, and there isn't one new message.  Not even a WorldPerks Mileage Summary, not even a Sephora Free Shipping with Your Next $50 Purchase!, not even a note about Crate & Barrel's new ways to dress up your Thanksgiving Day table.   Woe is me.
I sign up Mr. Murphy for Puppy Kindergarten, first off to get him a bit more behaved, secondly to allow him to socialize with other dogs, and thirdly as a quest to find my new best (local) friend. I was certain I would find my local friend soul-mate, and that we'd go get dinner afterwards and leave the dogs in the car while we chat about girl stuff, or some equally stupid friend fantasy.
Instead, I go to class and focus my attention on not choking my dog as he's the most maniacial one in the class, and then I have to leave class because he has to shit, and then he shits, and I go to find the shovel to pick it up, and then I can't find the shit anymore, and Murphy is running around me in circles and I'm tied up by a leash and it's getting tighter and tighter and I'm holding a shovel looking for shit in the 30-degree weather and dammit why doesn't anyone want to be my friend? And I feel kind of like a loser for thinking about it in the first place because it's like the # 1 Rule that when you want something and are actively looking for it, you won't find it until you stop looking for it, or some other stupid cliche, and why am I even still talking about this, God I need a life.
I arrive home from Puppy Kindergarten, kind of over my whole episode about wanting to find a friend and feeling like I failed miserably, and I hop on the computer (lest I miss any important emails that come my way at nighttime) where I promptly waste two hours surfing blogs and what not. I ignore the puppy, further ingraining in him bad habits (took him only two minutes to chew his new leash in half while I ignored him) and ignore my husband who's upstairs watching the Pistons on his dismal non-HDTV.  Now it's late(ish) and it's dark in here and my eyes hurt from the darkness/brightness contrast of my computer in the un-lit room, and my head hurts because of caffeine withdrawl, and I'm bummed that I just wasted time on the internet instead of finishing my wedding thank-you's or reading a book or cleaning the kitchen.

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