Thursday, December 20, 2007

I'll Tell You WHAT!

I would encourage anyone with a will of aluminum (read: NOT STEEL) to avoid working in Purchasing over the holidays.   For you will end up a chubby spinster with chocolate stains on your shirts.


Why? you ask.


Because suppliers, they like to buy us stuff.  Edible stuff.  Caloric stuff.  Tons and tons of edible caloric stuff.  They think it will help in their efforts to sell us their crap.   Hahaha, if only they knew our Supplier Selection Procedures didn't include "What kind of holiday gifts do they give?  Generic crap like calendars, or edible food stuff crap like shrimp-sized cashews or designer chocolate?"   If only.


And your will, since it is weak like aluminum (not strong like steel), your will draws you TO the candy-stuff, instead of AWAY from it like it's supposed to.


But hot damn if I don't looovelovelove the suppliers who send us Harry & David Dark Chocolate Carmel Corn.   Oh, to work in purchasing…

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