Monday, October 1, 2007

Curses, Andy, Curses!

So, it's hardly a secret that Andy on The Office is annoying as hell.  He's always singing in that annoying "I think I'm a classically-trainer singer and want people to complement me" way, you know what I'm talking about?  The type of singing that makes you roll your eyes and purposefully yet painfully ignore him?  Because if you complimented him, he'd get a big head and do it far more often?


Well, that's not exactly how I'd describe the Andy in my office, except for he's annoying in a completely other sense.  He repeats himself, saying dumb little phrases over and over.
"I just want to call the supplier, and figure out what's going on there."


(two minutes later)

"Yeah, I just want to find out what's going on there."
(a minute later)
"Okay, yeah, give me until tomorrow, I'm going to find out what's going on there."
Okay, so maybe I'm a bitch, but it's only in my head and only to my blog!  And all of the Internet to read!
So, he's actually not that annoying, I just needed a good segue into the fact that I find it funny that Andy (The Office) annoys me because of his singing, and Andy (my office) also sort of, by accident, today annoyed me because of singing.
Today he got to repeating "just find out the bare necessities that we need".
Which turned into...
"Okay, let's just figure out what exactly the bare necessities are" and "What is the absolute bare necessity?"
Which leads me to start signing (in my head) that goddamn song from that Disney movie, with the emaciated ape-boy and jungle bear singing and dancing "The Bare Necessities" over and over and over and ahhhhhhhhhhhasdfasdj;edflwe2292121012jasl;das;dfaswoqwieuwdwqpweoruqwepbarwepoeidbaerweofjf.

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