Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Women Are Tricky

I don’t get us.  We are our own worst enemies.  Why is it that judge each other, sabotage each other, are curt with each other, yet excuse men for much, much more?   This is not a man-rant, so I won’t further propogate that argument, but seriously, women can be so ruthless to other women, it’s alarming and makes my stomach flip-flop a little.


Whether it’s judging someone because of their job position (ranking, bosses [thank God I love my female boss]) or because she’s your ex’s new girlfriend or because she has something that you want (a child, a fancy car, a house, peace-of-mind, good luck, good fortune, drive & determination, or any combination of the sorts), we are definitely our own worst critics, our biggest unfriendly rival, and our fiercest judges.


Now, I’m not interested in having heart-to-hearts Oprah-style while eating at Panera and maybe getting teary eyed over a scone (my idea of purgatory), but let’s cut each other some slack and not keep living our stereotypes of being bitchy and judgemental.




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