Thursday, April 6, 2006

I'm a Creep

So Im perusing a cooking magazine that my mom gets in the mail, and I feel inspired to try my hand at domestication and cooking and shit. Scrubbed out, Im in my car with the question of Farmer Jack or Meijer. Which really boils down to Bloomfield Hills prices versus Southfield prices. In a moment of frugality, I chose the crowded aisles of Meijer. After crossing off all of the items on my list, I headed to the checkout. This coincided with a sudden downpour, the kind that you can hear pounding through theroof of a huge store. As I was scrubbed out and feeling somewhat self-righteous, I scoffed at the people who were crowding around the exit doors, annoyed that they were waiting until the rain stopped and blocking my way out. So I plodded out, thinking tomyself look at me, people, scared not am I of a little dribble. Well, the Rain Gods heard my pompousness and then proceeded to lead me away from my car and up and down every other aisle of the parking lot instead, twice. God, Im a jerk.

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