Tuesday, February 17, 2004

after pulling an all-nighter studying for my physics exam (and a little help from rob for late night/early morning conversation) i have gotten the fateful email. checked the capa site. victorious. 97.5!!! i am hereby declaring myself THE SMARTEST MAN ALIIIIIIIIIIIVE! i have even gone so far as to create a spreadsheet
hw 30% 100 30
exam 1 20% 97.5 19.5
exam 2 20% 90 18
final 30% 75 22.5
showing my plan to achieve the unthinkable - a 4.0 in physics. i mean, i could get a 75 on the final and still 4-point that mofo!! ahh... to find meaning in life once again.
onward! my new years resolution(s) are still in the back of my mind as I try to attain them. Hope has turned up in an away message and I have a new-found inspiration. who-hoo! even though that kind of sounded like a fortune cookie.
i went to try on bridesmaid dresses for jack's wedding... SO FUN! i know they're going for the swing music type theme with the reception, but towards the end of the night, when everyone's plastered and not paying attention to the dancefloor, i'm going to request the song "lady in red" for all of us hot bridesmaids. but jack's wedding is an entire blog in itself, but one i will draft and re-write and proof-read and such. stay tuned!
my dad called me from mexico tonight, said the weathers' not that great but that he was standing outside without a shirt on so he couldn't complain that much. jerk! it was then that i realized i haven't been on a warm-weather vacation since senior year spring break!! craziness. my skin hasn't seen the light of day in forever either, and i'm not in any rush to get myself into a bathing suit right now, so i guess all is well.
it turns out i'm moving back to good old burcham woods in the fall... this little plan we've devised works out quite nicely for all parties involved, plus we'll have a pool! i'm excited and glad i didn't have to go back to the dorm or get into a long lease when i know i'll be leaving in december.
um what else. i've been having this craving to go to alaska. who's coming with me??
i plan on writing a more interesting blog sometime soon, perhaps titled "contemplations over tuscan chicken" or "please untuck your pant legs from your boots NOW" or something of the sorts.
p.s. just got my first lesson in Arabic from roxanne "offended by the drink 'camel-toes' " najor

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