Saturday, February 2, 2002

it dawned on me yesterday that i won't ever live at my house again. it was such a sad realization, and yet at the same time i wondered why some people i know didn't look back once they moved out. i actually know someone who is completely moved out of her house - every time she goes back to her parents, she's a guest. i realize that because i feel sad about not living at home ever again (and this is just me thinking according to my plans, not that my parents are kicking me out or telling me i can't live here anymore) that in actuality, i'm very, very lucky. because i associate "home" with positive things, things i will miss. the people i know who have no qualms about living somewhere else are the people who have nothing going for them at home. and that is sad too.
also on the way home i had a conversation for the ninetyseventh time, and it's just so funny how i keep on saying the same thing over and over again. it's really getting old, having that conversation. really.
five months until study abroad. wah-freaking-hoo! (oh, and i'm going to stop swearing too.) i should be getting my passport soon, and you know what else i have to do............ get my shots. ugh, just typing that makes me queasy. ahhhhhhhh. i wish they could like drug me up before doing anything. ew i have to get like 5. no, only like 3, but still. i'm such a freak.
my head really hurts. i never get headaches. boooooo.
it was funny, i bought pants yesterday, and they were 2 sizes too small. i didn't try them on or anything, i get home, and what do i know? yeeeeeah i wish i was that size! that must have been my sub-conscious acting (2nd reference to that in the past 2 blogs, coincidence).
"you know what panda's like for lunch? they like bamboo"
i have my first test of the semester this wednesday. and it's in my favorite class, too. so i'm hoping to do well. i studied for the first time ever this semester (and it was for my least-favorite and hardest class) on thursday night. this is a good sign. it took at least 2 1/2 months last semester to get me to study. i'm on a roll.
what i'm not on a roll on is my new years resolutions. i'm actually trying to keep mine. or achieve mine i should say. i've wasted about a month, though, so i need to get my act in gear and really try and get this accomplished. once january 3rd comes around, most people forget about them completely, but mine's still burning a hole in my head.
i want to pull a winona and just go on a shopping rampage... don't you ever just feel the need to buy (well, in her case, steal, but i won't judge her!) something? i want new things. i'm sick of my old things.
"i know i'm not a hopeless case" just sung to me on my cd player, and made me feel good. yay. happy groundhogs day people. (read the bottom of my post on jan.30 to get my true affinity for today). take it easy fellas. i'm signing off.

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